Treatment Specialties

Whether you have a complex medical diagnoses, or want spiritual growth and self-improvement, I can help you. I use both traditional and alternative therapies, and together we can find the approach that is right for you.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy, often referred to as ART, provides remarkable benefits for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), OCD, substance abuse, and many other mental and physical conditions. ART helps with medical and birth trauma, distress caused by diagnoses of life threatening illnesses, and grief after losing someone you cared about.

Results are effective and rapid (usually within 3-5 sessions).

ART replaces negative images with positive ones and changes the way your body remembers emotions and sensations from painful past events. It uses lateral eye movements to activate the part of the nervous system that moves the body out of a flight or fight state of alarm. Your body's alarm center can be reset and traumatic memories are processed properly. You can get relief from painful and difficult experiences that have caused you anxiety and distress, perhaps for years.

Trauma Focused Psychotherapy

We can all agree that life-threatening or horrific events are traumatic. Childhood emotional or physical abuse or neglect is  a form of developmental trauma that is often the root cause of life-long physical or mental illness.

Emotional abuse or neglect can feel normal when we are growing up. We may be told and decide that we deserve the way others treated us.

Trauma can stay with us for years as unrecognized memories in our body and nervous system. We can be triggered over and over to remember these emotions and sensations without knowing they are memories. They feel real and we act as if they are happening right now. We don’t feel safe.

Clearing negative core beliefs, in combination with ART and talk therapy, is an effective way to understand how trauma affects you, heal it, and  restore wellness and joy.

The Clear Beliefs Method

The Clear Beliefs Coaching Method is a comprehensive program for understanding human consciousness and personality, and the role that beliefs have in shaping and colouring our limitations and possibilities. It draws on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but uses your imagination, your body’s wisdom, and your higher knowledge to create change on physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual levels. When your beliefs are limited, your reality is limited. When you change a core belief that you’ve built your life around, everything changes. As a Clear Beliefs Coach, I can help you discover deeply held core beliefs that don’t serve you so you can release them to live more authentically. 

Your true self has always been there. It’s just been covered up by survival strategies used to cope in dysfunctional homes or abusive relationships.


I welcome people of all faiths and spiritual practices. No matter how painful or empty our human experience can feel at times, our souls are always delighted to be here. Our true selves may be covered up, but they are not gone. When you start to feel better in therapy, you will see more of who you truly are and want to be.

Life is meant to be about expansion, possibility and connection.

I can help you trust your intuition, higher self or spirit team for guidance.

I’ve trained in Reiki and Light body work and have my own spiritual mentors. I believe energy shifts in our sessions, although I do not practice a specific energy therapy technique.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Assisted therapy is a fast-growing field of treatment. The highest standards of clinical research have shown that psychedelic medicines help to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, and other conditions depending on the medicine. Psychedelics increase neuroplasticity which gives our brains more ability to change.

The right mindset and setting for a psychedelic journey are key factors in the success of a medicine journey.

There are clinics in Calgary where Ketamine Assisted Therapy is legally provided and medically supervised. As legislation changes, other psychedelic medicines will be legally available in clinics in the future. I don’t administer psychedelic medicine or encourage the use of illegal substances. However, if you are interested in learning more or have decided to try Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, I help you prepare for your journey and bring your learnings into into your day to day through integration therapy, so your journey insights last.

What People Say About Accelerated Resolution Therapy

common questions

As often as you can, especially in the beginning, so you can feel better sooner. ART works more effectively with more frequent sessions. You could even have two ART sessions in one day for faster relief. There is no schedule that you must follow. I am here when you want to meet. 

 Yes, I am legally and ethically obligated to keep what we discuss private and confidential and to protect the confidentiality of information you give me. There are exceptions to this which are if you are an imminent danger to yourself or others, a child under 18 may be in danger, or I am required to go to court. You can sign a release of information giving me permission to talk to anyone you wish.

How much are fees? My rates are $200 an hour and $300 for 90 minutes. ART takes 90 minutes. It costs more per session, but you will likely need less sessions.

I accept e-transfer, credit and debit, cash and cheques. I do not direct bill insurance companies. I can submit an invoice to a disability insurance provider.